Street Style

Cameras Rolling as Meredith Visits N. Lex

Marco Polo

Meredith in Front of Royal Peasantry

I had seen Meredith, a local screenwriter, on the street earlier in the day and, as I was hanging out in front of Royal Peasantry, she came by again.

Marco Polo

Meredith Goes Into Action

She said she didn't like to pose but luckily we had a mutual friend who kept her occupied while I got a bit of FlipCam footage.

Marco Polo

Why Does This Remind Me of Christopher Walken?

Meredith's one of those people that makes N. Lexington a special place. Not only does she have a great look but she also has a great depth to which others can only aspire!

Asheville Street Style: Downtown After Five & Local Steampunks

If you're familiar with Asheville Fashions then you probably know Alli Marshall's Asheville Street Style blog over at Mountain Xpress.  Because our interests strongly differ, despite the fact that we say we're working similar terrain, one could look at our blogs and think they were from different cities!

However, recent outdoor events have turned Ms. Marshall's eyes towards more of the kind of thing that interests me and since I'm pretty darn random at this outpost, I want to direct readers to the following posts at Asheville Street Style:

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Steampunk 101: Local steampunks

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Firestorm Fashionistas in a Dance of Power?

Libertie Meg

Libertie & Meg at Big Love Fest

I checked out the Big Love Fest on May 1st hoping to find some creative fashion action but it was pretty dead on that front, at least, when I was there. So I was quite happy to encounter the two most fashionable members of the Firestorm Cafe & Books collective.

Libertie Meg

A Quick Readjustment

They had a rather playful, jostling moment which an old school analyst might have reduced to a simple power struggle and drained all of the life out of the moment, as happens far too often in left/anarchist political settings. But they seem more like friendly siblings at play in these pics.

Libertie Meg

Libertie & Meg

I actually rearranged the order to try to create a modest sense of that play. Hope I haven't taken unfair editorial advantage of Libertie and Meg.

Hmmm, that suggests another power dynamic but, since I rule Asheville Fashions, we'll leave it at that!

My Favorite Ashevillain: T'wana Scott

Twana Scott

Twana Scott

I just want to say that T'wana Scott is my favorite new Asheville friend and really a special person all around. I love this girl!

Marco Polo

Among other things, she makes ill jewelry which you can find at Royal Peasantry Boutique, where she also works.

Marco Polo

T'wana has a fashion show coming in late March at Hole-N-Da-Wall. I'll be posting more about that when she goes into pr mode. It should be quite an event!

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Post-Valentine's Day Greetings: Charlotte & Cory

Cory and Charlotte

Cory and Charlotte, Downtown Asheville, Feb. 2011

First, my apologies to this fine couple, Charlotte and Cory. They deserve to have someone more talented than I to capture their gentle, whimsical magic.

Cory detail

Cory (detail)

While there are some interesting individual touches here, such as Cory's scarf and Charlotte's gloves (a gift from Cory), it's the composite look that attracted me. The "assembled from thrift stores on our way to a street fair" look that is one aspect of Asheville Fashions I intend to pursue.

Charlotte detail

Charlotte (detail)

Some of the pieces were new to their personal collections (the jacket and vest, I think) and found via the "Buck a Pound" offerings at the Goodwill at 1011 (?) Patton Ave.

Cory and Charlotte

Cory and Charlotte

This brief encounter in downtown Asheville clued me in to the fine art of not cutting off people's feet (and/or heads) but, sadly, only after the fact!  And I'm also only now realizing that I should have gotten a separate pic of Charlotte's bag.  It looks rather interesting.  Ah, well, live and learn.

Cory and Charlotte

Cory and Charlotte

I'm not sure if the loving vibe Cory and Charlotte exuded on this sunny Sunday afternoon in Februrary is communicated by these photos but the energy I experienced made me wish that I could have launched on Valentine's Day with this lovely couple.

Note: In addition to my own attempts at Flipcam-powered street fashion photography, I look forward to running photos from locals across the proam spectrum. Hit me up at:

Welcome to Asheville Fashions!