Reboot: Back to Asheville Fashions! Yay!

I've realized that since this isn't going to be a high volume blog, I can just start an off topic section or allow for an occasional off topic post without it being such a big thing.

Besides, I like the simplicity of calling this blog Asheville Fashions.  Plus, I do have two fashion posts in preparation that I should get up this weekend and the possible launch of a related niche blog on the way.

So Asheville Fashions it is!

Asheville Fashions is Now Asheville Fashions & Culture! Woo Hoo!!!

Since I'm not pursuing Asheville Fashions in a regular way and need a place to comment about occasional Asheville topics not related to fashion, I've decided to expand the theme of the blog.

I'm still focused on building All World Dance and contributing to Hypebot.  I also just got my first web biz consulting client, so I'm staying busy.

I do have a couple of fashion posts that have been long delayed as well as some commentary on Bele Chere so let's get to that!

Apologies for My Absence But I'm Blogging Elsewhere

When I started this blog, I made a clear choice not to take it in the direction of a business, so given that I'm having to focus on making that paper, it's going to be neglected. That's too bad but that's real.

I'm currently developing a site that I hope will become really big. It's called All World Dance: World Dance News and it's kind of my return to the dance world after many years absence. I expect to be at full steam by next week.

I'm also doing some blogging at Hypebot, the leading U.S. music industry blog, and I'm keeping a regularly updated list of my posts at Flux Research, my business writing hub.

On that note, I am available for freelance writing assignments and would love to be doing more local work.

Please contact me at:

"I Don't Think I Want to Be In a Blog"

Went out without my Flipcam today but still had a couple of blogging related encounters.  I was checking out a new store featuring handcrafted clothing that looked almost like it was mass manufactured with a handmade look.

I tried asking the apparent owner/designer about how the clothes were made and she was pretty hostile from the jumpoff.  I threw out my, "I don't really know how things are made," attempt at being disarming and she basically went back to what she was doing.

When I told her I'd forgotten my camera but had started a local fashion blog and would come back, she stated, "I don't think I want to be in a blog."

And so she's not.

Thanks go out to all the folks that have been, at the very least, tolerant of my activities and an extra thanks to those who seem to appreciate them!  Pics of some of those folks up by tomorrow!

Note: That does help explain the fact that, despite having a storefront display for at least a month before the "Grand Opening", I've never seen anybody in there.  Of course, maybe other people don't appreciate hostile owner/designers either!

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An Odd Thing About This Blog

I was thinking about how I decide what goes in this blog and realized that I would never make it in.  I have some nice clothes and sometimes I put them together in an interesting manner but I just don't make a strong enough visual statement to make the cut.

I guess taking Flipcam pics of people who have a striking visual presence is as close as I'm going to get.  Good thing it's my blog!

Note: Actually it's hard to tell what kind of focus this blog has with only a couple of posts up.  I've got some great stuff coming but have to make time to sit at the computer and get things posted.  Coming soon are a couple of great looks, window shopping pics and, I hope, a group of makeup pics.

Got an Etsy Store? Hit Me Up!

I'm going to start an Asheville on Etsy section for fashions and related items created by Ashevillains and sold on Etsy.  The basic idea is to post a group of pics with links to the items.  After they sell or are removed from Etsy, I'll get to keep the pics up for future readers.

If that sounds cool, hit me up in the comments or at the email below:

Clyde Smith

About/Contact Asheville Fashions: Launching Soon!

I wanted to launch last week.  And then I wanted to launch on Valentine's Day because the first fashions I photographed in the wild were worn by this really cute couple.  But I cut off their feet because I'm an incompetent beginner.

Nevertheless, they were able to walk away in peace so I will post their pictures soon.  And then even better pictures of other fashionable Asheville folks as I master the basics of my Flipcam.  I know that sounds a bit sad, struggling with a Flipcam, but it makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to!

I imagine this blog will ultimately picture and promote lots of different styles but it was inspired by something unique I found here among Gen Y/Gen X but mostly 20-something young people who are creating their own fashions, mixing and matching, making things and producing whole outfits, not just individual pieces.

That's who I intend to feature and that's where I'll begin, hopefully later this week.

Street fashions.  Shop windows.  Mostly downtown on my walks to get coffee and touch base with a slowly growing circle of really awesome people I'm getting to know here.

If you're into this kind of thing, please be in touch.  I eventually hope to include other folks' pics, local event announcements and other cool local fashion related stuff.  Yes, stuff!  We all like stuff!

Be in touch!

Clyde Smith