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August 2011

Cameras Rolling as Meredith Visits N. Lex

Marco Polo

Meredith in Front of Royal Peasantry

I had seen Meredith, a local screenwriter, on the street earlier in the day and, as I was hanging out in front of Royal Peasantry, she came by again.

Marco Polo

Meredith Goes Into Action

She said she didn't like to pose but luckily we had a mutual friend who kept her occupied while I got a bit of FlipCam footage.

Marco Polo

Why Does This Remind Me of Christopher Walken?

Meredith's one of those people that makes N. Lexington a special place. Not only does she have a great look but she also has a great depth to which others can only aspire!

Magnolia Pearl at Niche

Magnolia Pearl at Niche

Jacket, Dress & Bloomers (i think!)

I'm including this post in Window Shopping even though I ended up taking pictures indoors at Niche in The Grove Arcade. These pieces are by Magnolia Pearl, based in Texas, for which Niche is the only local source.

Magnolia Pearl at Niche

"Suit" with Jacket Open

Though I tend to avoid upscale shopping settings, I was drawn in by similar examples of clothing from Magnolia Pearl that were in the window due to a somewhat rough-edged, handmade aesthetic that fits what I'm enjoying from local designers as well. Owner Colleen Hoerner quickly put me at ease and I had a really nice chat with her about Niche, Magnolia Pearl and fashion in Asheville.

Magnolia Pearl at Niche

A Bit of Color w/a Unique Accessory

I'm really a N. Lex Ashevillain even though I age out of the typical crowd one finds on my favorite blocks. But I'm used to being a bit of an outsider wherever I go so I'm glad I left Hipster Hollow for a visit to the Grove Arcade!

Reboot: Back to Asheville Fashions! Yay!

I've realized that since this isn't going to be a high volume blog, I can just start an off topic section or allow for an occasional off topic post without it being such a big thing.

Besides, I like the simplicity of calling this blog Asheville Fashions.  Plus, I do have two fashion posts in preparation that I should get up this weekend and the possible launch of a related niche blog on the way.

So Asheville Fashions it is!