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In the Window of Vintage Moon

Marco Polo

Work by Gigi ReneƩ

This delicate layered work caught my eye in the window of Vintage Moon at 82-B N. Lexington, in part, because I couldn't tell if it was one piece or two.

Turns out that it's a combination of a petticoat from 1892, i.e. a real antique, and a piece by designer Gigi ReneƩ. I could see the top being quite sexy on its own though I'm feeling my photo doesn't capture it very well.


Proenza Schouler's Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez on the Power of Fashion Bloggers

Proenza Schouler Talk To Fashion Bloggers at Evolving Influence

Although I'm not going to be doing much about fashion outside of Asheville, I thought this video of Proenza Schouler designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough speaking at the NYFW Evolving Influence blogger conference would be useful for folks who are still wrapping their heads around the value of being in a fashion blog, especially folks with an interest or involvement in luxury markets. I'm not saying I'm going to make anybody famous but they talk about their cluelessness four years ago, similar to someone I recently encountered, and how they and the industry have taken a while to figure out what's up with bloggers but are now embracing them.

For example, one of the guys discusses their first contact with a Midwestern fashion blogger, "this crazy girl in the middle of America!" (2:05), and how they just couldn't get it at the time. It reminds me a lot of people in the music industry 5 or 6 years ago who did not see the power of blogging even though some of us knew what we were and what we were in the process of accomplishing!

Honestly, once you've watched a new artist blow past the industry censors and get a deal because they're already famous due to bloggers or, in my case, once you've embarassed NY hip hop industry power figures in front of their peers from a laptop in NC, you know what's up! Especially when you get tipsters working in their offices giving you direct quotes...The industry did not see us coming and now all my old blogging buddies are the first to get leaks and hot tips. They're running circles around the magazine people who are watching their industry die!

But that was back in the day and this isn't about me, it's about folks coming from out of nowhere and changing the game.  It's about not being shortsighted and not turning your nose up at things you don't understand.  It's about thriving in the 21st Century.

Jack and Lazaro know what's up. Do you?

Video via The Business of Fashion.

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Note: I just started a YouTube channel for Asheville Fashions where I'll be listing videos I post here as well as other videos of interest.


My Favorite Ashevillain: T'wana Scott

Twana Scott

Twana Scott

I just want to say that T'wana Scott is my favorite new Asheville friend and really a special person all around. I love this girl!

Marco Polo

Among other things, she makes ill jewelry which you can find at Royal Peasantry Boutique, where she also works.

Marco Polo

T'wana has a fashion show coming in late March at Hole-N-Da-Wall. I'll be posting more about that when she goes into pr mode. It should be quite an event!

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"I Don't Think I Want to Be In a Blog"

Went out without my Flipcam today but still had a couple of blogging related encounters.  I was checking out a new store featuring handcrafted clothing that looked almost like it was mass manufactured with a handmade look.

I tried asking the apparent owner/designer about how the clothes were made and she was pretty hostile from the jumpoff.  I threw out my, "I don't really know how things are made," attempt at being disarming and she basically went back to what she was doing.

When I told her I'd forgotten my camera but had started a local fashion blog and would come back, she stated, "I don't think I want to be in a blog."

And so she's not.

Thanks go out to all the folks that have been, at the very least, tolerant of my activities and an extra thanks to those who seem to appreciate them!  Pics of some of those folks up by tomorrow!

Note: That does help explain the fact that, despite having a storefront display for at least a month before the "Grand Opening", I've never seen anybody in there.  Of course, maybe other people don't appreciate hostile owner/designers either!

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An Odd Thing About This Blog

I was thinking about how I decide what goes in this blog and realized that I would never make it in.  I have some nice clothes and sometimes I put them together in an interesting manner but I just don't make a strong enough visual statement to make the cut.

I guess taking Flipcam pics of people who have a striking visual presence is as close as I'm going to get.  Good thing it's my blog!

Note: Actually it's hard to tell what kind of focus this blog has with only a couple of posts up.  I've got some great stuff coming but have to make time to sit at the computer and get things posted.  Coming soon are a couple of great looks, window shopping pics and, I hope, a group of makeup pics.