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Remedy: All Dressed in Black

"I Don't Think I Want to Be In a Blog"

Went out without my Flipcam today but still had a couple of blogging related encounters.  I was checking out a new store featuring handcrafted clothing that looked almost like it was mass manufactured with a handmade look.

I tried asking the apparent owner/designer about how the clothes were made and she was pretty hostile from the jumpoff.  I threw out my, "I don't really know how things are made," attempt at being disarming and she basically went back to what she was doing.

When I told her I'd forgotten my camera but had started a local fashion blog and would come back, she stated, "I don't think I want to be in a blog."

And so she's not.

Thanks go out to all the folks that have been, at the very least, tolerant of my activities and an extra thanks to those who seem to appreciate them!  Pics of some of those folks up by tomorrow!

Note: That does help explain the fact that, despite having a storefront display for at least a month before the "Grand Opening", I've never seen anybody in there.  Of course, maybe other people don't appreciate hostile owner/designers either!

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