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Post-Valentine's Day Greetings: Charlotte & Cory

About/Contact Asheville Fashions: Launching Soon!

I wanted to launch last week.  And then I wanted to launch on Valentine's Day because the first fashions I photographed in the wild were worn by this really cute couple.  But I cut off their feet because I'm an incompetent beginner.

Nevertheless, they were able to walk away in peace so I will post their pictures soon.  And then even better pictures of other fashionable Asheville folks as I master the basics of my Flipcam.  I know that sounds a bit sad, struggling with a Flipcam, but it makes me happy and gives me something to look forward to!

I imagine this blog will ultimately picture and promote lots of different styles but it was inspired by something unique I found here among Gen Y/Gen X but mostly 20-something young people who are creating their own fashions, mixing and matching, making things and producing whole outfits, not just individual pieces.

That's who I intend to feature and that's where I'll begin, hopefully later this week.

Street fashions.  Shop windows.  Mostly downtown on my walks to get coffee and touch base with a slowly growing circle of really awesome people I'm getting to know here.

If you're into this kind of thing, please be in touch.  I eventually hope to include other folks' pics, local event announcements and other cool local fashion related stuff.  Yes, stuff!  We all like stuff!

Be in touch!

Clyde Smith


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